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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Doc Anubis - "CMC Field Trip Gone Wrong! Comic Overview Issue 38" - G4 Comic Analysis

 Pony Comics Incoming!

 Ever wondered what was in all those MLP comics? Well Doc's got ya covered!

Check below for more info!

    The Official MLP comics can sometimes be hard to find and difficult to get through, but Doc Anubis makes that easy!

With well-made overviews, Doc Anubis tells you in general what's going on without taking attention away completely, giving you a chance to read it over yourself and really get into it.

But why? Because they're honestly under appreciated.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11 (The one about how Cadence and Shining!)

Being both a physical medium, put behind a paywall, and just generally out-of-fashion in today's online multimedia world, it can be hard to consume these comics. Doc wants to change that. There is so much in the comics that is to love, even if they don't always dump cool lore. The video above is itself a great example of the wonderful characterization and growth written into them!

But don't think it's just about the analysis, not at all. Doc would love it if you went and read them yourself.

Where exactly can you get these comics? Well, you can buy them from IDW of course!

[IDW My Little Pony Comic Collection]
[Amazon Kindle Listing]

Alternatively you can get a full archive from [yayponies]

We encourage you to act in good conscience. If you can afford to buy the comics themselves, then we encourage you to do so. Yayponies is ultimately an archival site, not a piracy site. Using it as a piracy site can cause Yayponies to be taken down.

Check below for previous issues of Doc Anubis' Comic Overview series!


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-Saphire Systrine