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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Vilord Studio - "My Little Park" - Parody Animation

Southpony? No Way!

That's right! The combination everpony never knew they needed! Animation? Check! Southpark? Check! Pony?! CHECK!

Check below for more info relating this amazing animator!
    Vilord Studio is a Russian 2D pony animator creating lots of fantastic content for the pony fandom! Their content ranges from both serious, goofy, and sometimes even spooky! 
 Below is even some cute art they have made over on Deviant Art!
Vilord Studio continues to create amazing pony content that goes mostly under the radar, so we heavily recommend you go check them out and show them your support! Be sure to check them out on YouTube, Twitter, as well as their boosty page!
Below are a few more of their fantastic animations!
Trixie Revenge - Trailer
Apple Hunter (as featured on Littleshys Top 10 Pony Videos of April 2023!)

Youtube: @VilordStudio
DeviantArt: MRBloodSon
Boosty: Vilord
- Lerovun 🧡⏳

1 comment:

  1. This absolutely ridiculous and I love it. The chair-tied Party-Of-One Spike is just icing on the cake.