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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Broniest React - "Spike At Your Service" - G4 Reaction Video

 Spike At Your Service REACTION?!

Broniest React recently uploaded a new compilation of MLP content creators reacting to the Friendship is Magic episode "Spike At Your Service." If you'd like to find out more, check out the article below!

Broniest React, a YouTube channel that features compilations of various Brony content creators reacting to MLP episodes, recently released their first video titled "Broniest React - Spike At Your Service." The video has the Brony content creators AmbizarYT, banquo0, CantoAcrylic, Lerovun, QuantumHippologist, Mr_Some1, Star Strike, Cole Donnerstag, Windber, Minty Root, and Remviolet all reacting to one of the most controversial episodes of Friendship is Magic, "Spike At Your Service" and the various shenanigans that occur in the process.

As a recap, "Spike At Your Service" has Applejack saving Spike from Timberwolves. In exchange, Spike pledges his life to Applejack as part of a "dragon code," though he ultimately becomes a hindrance to her in the process.

The episode is extremely controversial in the MLP fandom due to many fans feeling like many characters, Spike and Applejack particularly, acted out of character or held the idiot ball for this particular episode. As such, the video has the MLP content creators reacting to the episode and sharing their thoughts.

Star Strike posits that the Timberwolves the best part of the episode, though Minty Root goes into detail on how drastically their designs look from the show's normal style which can be potentially distracting to the viewer (at least until Mr_Some1 asks him to stop).

In another section, Spike fails at getting eggs down from a shelf, which Lerovun, Quantum, Ambizar, RemViolet and Star Strike all question why the egg basket is on a high shelf as well as why Granny Smith asks Spike, who is short and very accident prone, to get the eggs.

Several creators note that Fluttershy of all ponies had the smartest approach when it came to Spike's complete loyalty to Applejack, and all she said was "If it'd been me, I'd have just pretended I didn't have anything for him to do."

If Applejack absolutely had to accept Spike's services, why didn't she just think of that?

The infamous "Applejack inflation" scene gets screams out of Lerovun and RemViolet (for good reason).

At least we got some good memes out of this......

Several plot holes in the episode are also pointed out, as Star Strike and Banquo0 explain that Spike's life has been saved before, namely by Princess Cadance, and the dragon code didn't apply there.

Additionally, Star Strike and Windber point out that Spike was established in previous episodes as being very good at cleaning and other minor tasks despite his occasional clumsiness, so why is he so accident prone in this episode?

Pinkie Pie is pointed out by Star Strike, Cole, and Ambizar as one of the few bright spots in the episode, though she only shows up for a couple jokes.

In one of the funniest moments of the video, Mr_Some1 brilliantly mocks AppleJack's absolutely terrible attempt at begging for help from a fake Timberwolf by putting on a cowboy hat, lodging his foot between two granite stones, and begging his dog for help from a fake timberwolf (that he actually built in real life out of wood)

Near the end of the episode, Applejack and Spike end up making up and apologizing, though Spike wishes that they'd have less situations where their lives actually need saving (which as Canto, Mr_Some1, and Ambizar point out, is highly unlikely to happen in their world).

The episode itself ends with Spike holding up a lamp for Twilight, though as Star Strike points out, he could've just set the lamp on a stand or Twilight could've used her horn to illuminate the room!

The video eventually ends with Star Strike claiming "Still better than anything G5 has put out," Cole breaking out in song out of relief, Banquo0 disappearing out of existence, and Canto dancing and singing his heart away!

In summary, the compilation gives great insight into how many Bronies view "Spike at Your Service": one of the weakest episodes that has Spike, Applejack, and several other characters act dumb or out of character for no reason. It also gives us wacky hijinks from several MLP content creators as they react to the episode.

Hopefully, Broniest React continues with more reaction compilations in the future!

Be sure to support Broniest React by subscribing to their YouTube channel! Be sure to support AmbizarYT, banquo0, CantoAcrylic, Lerovun, QuantumHippologist, Mr_Some1, Star Strike, Cole Donnerstag, Windber, Minty Root, and Remviolet by subscribing to their YouTube channels as well!




  1. This is the broniest react I’ve ever seen.

    1. Indeed. It is the broniest of all the reactions