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Sunday, March 31, 2024

SingularMJ - Ergosphere - Hidden Gems!

Meet Me at the Event, Horizon...

Cosmic themed spells + Platforming action = Hack 'n slash fun! Find out more about this awesome game in the full article below!

In July of 2019, the first trailer for Horizon (a small game project by creator SingularMJ) was released on YouTube. Fast forward to February 2023, and you have the full release of its brand new, upgraded version: Ergosphere! Featuring fast-paced, third person hack 'n slash combat and platforming (with some procedural elements on top of all that), this action-filled game is packed with obstacle courses to conquer and enemies to defeat! 
Check out the game's trailer below:

Look at that level, look that XP... now that's what a true gamer looks like.

In this game, players assume the role of Horizon, a pony embarking on a quest to investigate magic-infused artifacts. Drawn by a powerful magic pulse emanating from a distant source, Horizon ventures into the mysterious and long-forgotten ruins of an ancient temple... what could go wrong? Well, you see, turns out that the magic she detected was actually one of four corrupted artifacts being reactivated. Now, Horizon must join the event called the Trial, besting the obstacle courses generated by the artifacts in order to stop the corruption that is starting to spread all across the land. And that's not all! The growing darkness inside the temple has brought some unwanted attention... and to defeat those enemies, our hero will have to collect all sorts of magical abilities and power ups!
Magic phoenix of the temple... what is your wisdom?

Horizon is equipped with some of your basic platforming moves: a wall jump, a dash, and the ability to run incredibly fast. She can also utilize her magic infusion to interact with objects scattered around the environment. After overcoming your first platforming challenge (and also a quick time event), you'll unlock Accretion Disc, Horizon's first damaging spell! The best part? This single skill offers various moves you can perform, including a running attack, an uppercut that sends enemies flying, and even aerial combos! Additionally, you can parry enemy projectiles with it, which is quite handy! Achieving a bigger combo will earn you more XP, which you can use to upgrade Horizon (plus, in order to damage some bigger enemies, you NEED to have a big combo going on, so keep racking up those numbers).
Horizon, watch out, it's a giant enemy crab!

While the fast-paced nature of the game might scare some people off, I can assure you that Ergosphere has a very comfortable learning curve. You'll see yourself mashing the same button a lot in the beginning, however, slowly but surely, you'll start incorporating advanced combos, parries and dodges into your gameplay. Also, the game's procedural generation enhances the game's replayability, while also ensuring that every player will have their own unique experience with it.
I hope you're ready to fight literal constellations.

By the way, did you know that ergosphere refers to the region of a black hole where the space-time continuum is dragged along with it? Yeah, cool, I know... the game has a lot of cosmic-themed references like that, from spell names to boss battles, and even the protagonist herself, who is likely a reference to the event horizon, another region of a black hole where nothing can't escape, not even light (you can also unlock a spell with the same name)!
Well, to be honest, I wouldn't even WANT to escape the event horizon if it looked like this.

So, are you ready to (figuratively) jump head first into this black hole? If so, click right here to check out the game's page! Like, it's free, what are you waiting for? Also, be sure to follow SingularMJ on and DeviantArt! 



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