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Friday, July 21, 2023

Twilighlot - "Solar Flare Test Renders" - SFM Animations

 Amazing SFM Animations Incoming!

Talk about AMAZING! More details below!
Source here: Twitter

For those who dont know, Twilighlot is an AMAZINGLY talented SFM animator for quite awhile now. However, it takes a good while to make this quality of animation, and with life happening, he hasnt made uploads very frequently.
Now we have a gigantic preview of some of the stuff they made over the years, and WOW it is just mindblowing! The custom bump-maps, the amazingly high quality custom maps, everything is just incredible.

If you havent seen Solar Flare 1, go check it out here!
I personally know that it can be hard doing large projects with little updates, as you dont get that much-needed moral support and interaction from fans. At the same time, over the years with Youtube getting worse and other social medias just getting noiser and noiser, and rumors that the fandom may be dying, it can be quite discouraging to continue...


If YOU want to see creations like this completed, you CANNOT just expect someone else to say what YOU want. You gotta say it, you gotta give the encouragement! So go!

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