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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Vinson Visions - "3D Dazzlings for an Upcoming Project" - 3D Art/Animation


Source: Twitter
Talk about cute! Take a look below for more art and info about this!

What if the sirens were 3D? Well, now you don't have to wonder what they'd look like!

Modeled and rigged by the amazing modeler Snecy, animated and textured by Vinson Visions, this unique style is part of a work-in-progress animations that I am legally obliged to not say a thing about. Izzle Shizzle even helped with the color picking!

The style was actually inspired by Light262's style of siren, which you can see below:

MLP Together Forever Pg 17

Below are even more images of the cute style! Click or tap on the image in order to open gallery mode.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

There is even an OC! Meet Toccata Rose, who will be playing a big role in the upcoming project!

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Isn't that cool?

But this is not all that Vinson has done!

Not by far!

Vinson Visions is a long-time fandom animator, and you should definitely go check out said animations!

Please, subscribe to his channel and follow his twitter, and all of the other cool artists who've been helping, like Snecy and Izzle Shizzle!

Vinson's Youtube: @VinsonVisions

Vinson's Twitter: @Vinson1995

Keeping on supporting artists like this, even when things take a long time, is what can motivate them to keep on going! So go! I am not taking 'someone else will do it' for an answer.

-Saphire Systrine

Oh, and... PS. Snecy will do modeling/rigging commissions for Blender if you talk to him, and Izzle Shizzle does voice acting/sound design for commission too!


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