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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

EPYCTWY! - "A New Generation" - MLP G5 Theme Remix

Time to make a mark!

EPYCTWY! is here to share their passion for ponies and pony music, learn more below!
EpycTwy? Who the heck? Well I'll tell ya! Previously featured here for a joke post, Max Initial, now known as EPYCTWY!, has rebranded!
Here to bring you music sounding like its right out of the heart of the fandom, EPYC has even gone so far as to make the thumbnail and video quality a wonderful 720p to emulate those classic days! But dont let it fool you, EPYC is a great musician, and I hope to see more come out of them as time goes on, no matter what the style is!
If you want to find an archive of Max's older songs, you'll need to check his playlist here:

Wanna download the song? Well now you can! Head over to the page here:

As always, like subscribe, share, and support! Always support musicians, artists, animators, and content creators you enjoy, don't assume someone else will do it for you!
[NOTE: This creator deleted their channel. Please check the link for their archived music]


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