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Saturday, August 19, 2023

ForgaLorga - "Mane 6 After G4 Ended" - G4 Style Animation

Want more ponies? Get em here! 

 Forga Lorga is back with another Alt Universe animation! Check out more below!

CW// Minor COPPA Avoidant Swearing

ForgaLorga is famous for their alternate-universes, show style animations! From ponies acting like cats, to princesses doing princess things, to world-ending catastrophes that only an army of Starlight Glimmers can stop (yes, that is real), ForgaLorga (along with their sister channel "Agrol", which is just Lorga backwards) has blessed this fandom with many many great animations! Please do check out their channels for more, and make SURE to subscribe, support, and encourage them!

[Their Tumblr]





1 comment:

  1. Let's see..... Applejack commits tax fraud, Rarity covers up her deceptive business practices, Rainbow Dash writes fanfiction, Twilight Sparkle (as Equestria's ruler) does nothing, Fluttershy is broke, and Pinkie Pies steals a cherry from another dimension.

    Yeah sounds about right