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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Kid Wizard - Ivy Mare - MLP Fan Animation

Living with a pony!?

Kid Wizard just uploaded a new video called "Ivy Mare."

If you'd like to find out more, check out the article below!

Kid Wizard, an animator on YouTube who's done several MLP fan animations, recently uploaded a video called "Ivy Mare." The video, which has the first forty-three seconds of the song "Ivy Boy" by the band Polaris, details a blue pegasus and her average life as a pony.

The lyrics are adapted from the point of view of Anon (a green human or pony characterized by a question mark on their face), who has to deal with the pegasus' daily antics.

Anon (through the lyrics) then details the average things the pegasus does, including prancing in the front hall, sleeping with a saddle on, and getting up and riding at dawn.

The video ends with the line "But she can't keep her trousers on," which has the pegasus with a pair of trousers on her head sharing a smile at the camera.

Despite the video being short, the superb animation, successful adaption of the lyrics, and funky music make this a must-watch for anyone who loves MLP fan animations!

For another example of Kid Wizard's work, here's their video "Pink Yogi," which has Pinkie Pie and Anon doing yoga together!

Also, be sure to subscribe to Kid Wizard's YouTube channel and follow them on Newgrounds!



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