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Monday, December 25, 2023

Zv'n - Tales From the Herd - Upcoming Game!

 A pony life sim? Sign me in!

A brand new pony game is in the making! 

Interested? Check out the full article below!

Ever wish you could just start life anew in a place where you could just chill, away from all stress? Well, now you can! Tales From the Herd is a lovely new pony game that is currently being solo developed by artist Zv'n. Described by its creator as a "beautiful, stress-free world", here you'll be able to create your very own pony, explore a mysterious abandoned village, talk to many different characters (some of them you might even recognize), and live life as you see fit!
Check out the reveal trailer below:

Featuring Twilight Sp- I mean, Eventide Spark!

In the game's Steam Page, Zv'n states: 

"As a longtime artist, one of my first goals was to create a vibrant, immersive world for players to engage with – and not at the expense of their peace of mind. There are no hunger meters, or health bars to worry about. You will be rewarded for experimenting, but not punished for playing exclusively for the story or even just the fishing."

That's right, even if you consider yourself a casual gamer, there is no reason not to give it a try once it comes out!

Can I just say that this game looks gorgeous?

You may have also recognized the song used in the trailer, "Pony is dead, long live pony" by pony musician Replacer. Be sure to check out his work too! I'll put the song in question below:

"Don't you lose your head!"

Chapter One of the game, "Arrival", is planned to release in Winter 2024 on Steam, but if you just can't wait any longer, the game's prologue is available at (it's very short, but it'll get you introduced to the character customization and the conversation system). You can click here to check it out for yourself.

Not many options for customization for now, but more are being added as we speak!

If you want to see updates on the game's development and the release of new versions. be sure to follow Zv'n on Twitter, subscribe to the Tales From the Herd YouTube channel, and if you can, support the creator on Patreon (not only will this guarantee your copy of the game, but you'll also have early access to the game and all of its private alphas)! Oh, and remember to wishlist the game on Steam!




  1. I, for one, can always use more chill pony games.

  2. Ah. When Questria: Princess Destiny was teased and faded. Always wanted s life sim. Nice!